Brown County Indiana Log Cabin Tour

the annual log cabin and country home tour sponsored by the brown county chapter of psi iota xi sorority. We thank you for your patronage. We are pleased to announce the homes scheduled for the new year. Our fundraiser has now evolved into an event which requires 35 Lions Club parking volunteers, 12 van drivers, and over 40 hostess volunteers for the two day event. We have drawn crowds as large as 2000 visitors to see five different log and country homes each year.



I want One!

I remember when I was still a little girl how happy I was to view the glorious homes of Hollywood stars and until today, you get tours of magnificent architecture of palaces in the city and estates. What very few people realize however just how on the opposite end at Brown Country, instead of brick and mortar architecture could they view equally magnificent log cabins, in the mountains overlooking vast lakes. The absolute romanticism and rustic love that you can see went into the intricate detail of each one of the five log cabins I saw on the Log Cabin Tour each had their own attraction.


I wish I could live there

Living in a small apartment in New York and visiting the Log Cabin Tour offered by Brown County, Indiana Log Cabin Tour, was a revelation as to how we were born to live. Ancient civilizations do not realize how lucky they were. Ultra-modern, beautifully designed and each unique in their own way these log cabins are the dream home of some lucky family. Two days of wondrous nature, woodlands and beautiful cabins and although my friend complained about bad Wi-Fi, I did not bother going online. I was there to enjoy my time on the mountain.


Great Trip and Awesome Stay, But I must leave now for bad Wi-Fi

Great stay and awesome trip, but the bad Wi-Fi is what put me off I struggled to get online at The Brown County Indiana Log Cabin Tour requires 35 lions club parking volunteers of which I become one for the day. Then they still need and more than 49 host voluntaries, who some other galls, should try for their two-day tour, as the tour continues even if it rains. You come prepared to walk, but it is just from the parking areas and up or down to the cabins, and sometimes my climb was as strenuous as a hill, nothing more. Thousands of visitors come here to witness the log and country home built here. I only saw the cabin 1 of Dennis & Betsy Parma and they sat there is five more that is even better; I will leave until next time.


Great Place for Team Building

As Event Manager I liked the idea of this weekend away for my upcoming event, however although we had a great time there and the people were great, the Wi-Fi was poor. I tried to access Tempobet all the time, and could get a stable connection once. I really think if they want to attract more people for longer periods, they must get better reception or internet service. Other than that was the hospitality, housing, and food great! It is a little slice of heaven and if only more of us could live this way away from the concrete jungles.


Adventurer’s Paradise

Brown County Indiana has indeed made me a believer in Log Cabins again after the recent Log Cabin Tour my boyfriend surprised me with. We had enough time to do all five of the log cabins of the tour where we stayed over at Cabin 3 of Bill & Becky Freeman. This handcrafted log is magnificent with great loft with a fireplace overlooking the lake. An entertainers home even with 6-burner Wolf Stove for cooking lavish dinners. The lack of hot water though was a problem to me.