Brown County Indiana Log Cabin Tour

the annual log cabin and country home tour sponsored by the brown county chapter of psi iota xi sorority. We thank you for your patronage. We are pleased to announce the homes scheduled for the new year. Our fundraiser has now evolved into an event which requires 35 Lions Club parking volunteers, 12 van drivers, and over 40 hostess volunteers for the two day event. We have drawn crowds as large as 2000 visitors to see five different log and country homes each year.

Tour FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Log Cabin Tour?

Psi Iota Xi members have planned and presented an annual Log Cabin Tour for over 30 years. Guests are invited to drive the back roads of Brown County to visit five different log cabin and country homes each year. We give you a map and put signs along the way while you enjoy the scenery and relax. Inside each home, you will see interesting decor, beautiful gardens, antiques, family heirlooms and the work of local artists.

Our hostesses are on hand to give you information and answer questions about each home. The owners are sometimes on hand to answer more detailed questions about the history or building of the home.


How long does the tour take?

Every year’s route and every guest is different. You should allow at least 3-4 hours to see all the homes, depending on how busy the traffic is and how long you decide to linger at home. The route each year totals 30-40 miles of driving and reaches across many areas of Brown County.

As you plan your trip, keep in mind that our busiest time is always around noon on Saturday and the time when we are most likely to experience delays in parking and at the cabins. We recommend that you plan your trip to avoid that time of day.

The cabins will be open from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm on both Saturday and Sunday. They close promptly at 4 pm each day


Will I get lost?

It is unlikely that you will get lost. We give you a detailed map with the directions written out in words and in a map format. Then we have white signs with red paint every mile or two directing you where to go and where to turn. We have staff traveling the route throughout the tour checking to make sure that all of our signs stay in place during the entire tour. Usually, you can just follow the signs to the cabins, but we give you a detailed map in case you miss a sign.


Do I have to complete the tour in one day?

No. You can do the tour all in one day or split the route up and do 2 or 3 houses each day. This year, the tour route is easy to break up into two days. The cabins do close promptly at 4:00 pm so please plan your touring accordingly. Towards the end of the tour, we do sell partial tickets.


Do I have to follow the route you suggest?

We recommend that you follow our route. We have carefully planned the tour route to accommodate the 1000-2000 guests we expect on the tour. Remember that many roads are gravel, bumpy and windy and are not designed for this kind of heavy traffic. Some roads are one way or very narrow. For that reason, we ask that you follow the directional signs and maps provided. Shuttles are provided at destinations not able to handle a heavy traffic flow.

Please DO NOT try to go against the direction of travel as it can be dangerous and may cause a back-up. In addition, you may become lost without the assistance of the white directional signs.
Weather and Brown County roads being what they are, we sometimes experience unexpected back-ups, flooding, or lack of parking in some areas of the route. We recommend that you check with the Psi Ote staff at the Gazebo before heading out, even if you already have your tickets in hand. Our staff is in touch with cabin hostesses and can advise if you need to take an alternate route or cabin order to help avoid potential delays.


Will someone try and sell me something?

No. All of the homes featured are privately owned and the owners graciously allow Psi Iota Xi to “borrow” their homes for two days to help raise money for local philanthropic purposes. The owners are not compensated in any way for their participation in the tour. We do have a few local sponsors who give small donations and have a small advertisement in our brochure in order to help defray our administrative and printing costs.

The tour is not owned or operated by any log home builder or other commercial business and we will not sell you anything.

You may find references to particular log home builders or shops in the homes. This is because so many guests ask the owners questions about where they obtained their logs or where they purchased certain items so we do allow the owners to have that information tastefully available, if they so choose.


Will I have to walk a lot?

You should come prepared to do some walking. Usually, this is just from the parking area to the home and can vary from a few hundred yards to a quarter of a mile. Sometimes, you may climb a hill. Each home and parking situation is different.

We recommend that you wear comfortable shoes. If you are handicapped or unable to walk, please tell our parking staff and we have made arrangements at each home for your car to pull directly up to the home for easy access. Most homes do have stairs and we are not ADA compliant since these are private homes.


Where will I park?

Parking at each home is unique. Generally, we park in a nearby field or along the side of a residential road. The Brown County Lions Club graciously assists our Psi Ote chapter by directing and parking cars so we can maximize the space we have, keep cars moving in and out efficiently, and make sure everyone is safe.


Will there be shuttle buses?

We use shuttle buses as needed if parking is limited at a cabin. At those homes, you will park in a designated parking area and our shuttle bus drivers will take you the short ride to the cabin in a 15 passenger van. The shuttles run continuously and you should not have to wait more than a few moments for a shuttle to be ready to leave. The most beautiful homes are often the hardest to get to. They are always worth the 5 minute ride!


What if it rains?

The tour will be held rain or shine. If it rains, you should come prepared with rain gear such as boots, raincoats, and umbrellas. Our parking areas are often grassy fields and can become muddy if it rains immediately before or during the tour.


How do I get tickets?

There are 4 different ways to obtain tickets.

1. In Advance: Send a check made out to: Log Cabin Tour Tickets, 4148 Crummit Lane Julian, NE 68379
2. In Advance: Send an email to: with questions about tickets
3. In Advance: Come to the Brown County Convention and Visitor’s Bureau during business hours from April until the dates of the tour or call
4. On Tour Dates: Come to the Gazebo on the Nashville Village Green (one block west of the courthouse stoplight) on the days of the tour to purchase tickets directly from us.


How much are tickets?

Tickets for adults are $15.00. Tickets for children are $7.00. Children under 2 are free.


What is Psi Iota Xi?

We are a national philanthropic women’s sorority with the mission of advancing art, music, literacy, and speech and hearing programs in our local communities. Our Brown County chapter was chartered in 1966 and has an average of 35 members and the Log Cabin Tour has been our largest fund raiser for the Brown County community for over 30 years.

All of our money stays in our local area. In the past, we have purchased a grand piano for the new high school auditorium, band uniforms for high school students, hearing aids, and special musical equipment for children who could not afford these items, and the restoration of paintings of Brown County artists which are on display in public locations such as the local library and art galleries. Our Reading is Fundamental (RIF) project provides free books to elementary school children in Brown County and we provide dictionaries to all 3rd grade students.

We are proud of the history and tradition of our tour. It takes many, many “womanhours” by dedicated volunteers and home owners to put on this event each year. We hope you enjoy your visit through the back roads of Brown County and will make it an annual event for your family.

If you have any other questions or comments about the tour, please email us at